Sports centre
Sports centre

Joroinen sports ground is next to the sports house. The sports field features a sandy artificial surface general field with lines for Finnish baseball and football fields

At the end of the field there is a 5 km illuminated fitness track. The asphalt is paved with rock ash. In winter, there is a high-quality and well-maintained ski trail on the fitness track.

There is also a variety of fitness equipment at the end of the sports field. The fitness equipment is available for use at any time of the year.

There is an ice hockey rink and a free skating area in the vicinity of the sports house. Ice areas are well managed and frozen as soon as the weather allows. Fairly often one can start skating in Joroinen after a mere few days of frost. A freestyle skating area for smaller children is located at the end of the rink.

There are two competition level beach volleyball fields at the end of the sports field. The fields are free for everyone to use.


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